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Connecting to my Ancient Past

I often think about what it would be like to live during ancient times, especially as a woman. My Greek heritage and love for classical Greek sculptures have informed much of my sensibilities toward the abstract work I currently do. Like them, I am still seeking beauty and harmony within the piece. How glorious it is to be able to challenge myself with a medium that resonates so completely with beauty for me. And to freely choose my own path as an artist, unlike the woman of ancient Greek times.

I don't believe it's pure coincidence that I love to carve stone and that I'm Greek. Today, I realize a passion so deeply felt must have its origin someplace. And being a woman, I like to think that I represent all women past, present, and future. In that shared experience as a female, I get to live a life that others have not been able to live. It is what propels me forward and gives me a sense of responsibility in the work I create. For this, I am eternally grateful to be here, now doing what I am meant to do.

Happy International Women's Day!



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