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Sacred Stone

There is a compelling force that drives my artistic practice. It feels automatic, but my strong curiosity and search for meaning in everything beckon me to ask the "why" behind it. As my final blog for the Creative Pinellas Professional Artist Grant 2023, I'd like to share this with you and thank you for reading and following me along my journey. It's been my sincere pleasure to speak to you about my work within this wonderful platform.

Stone is an element that has always been here and will always be here giving it an eternal aspect. This fact alone gives me pause and immediately turns a mere "rock" into something to be awestruck by. It seems that ancient man may have also sensed this. From the simplest of tools to sculptures and temples honoring gods and men throughout the ages, stone has been the medium. Stone is the symbol that connects us to our past and to the earth. It is the earth. Therefore, I honor its presence and I am continually mesmerized by its beauty and versatility. Each stone presents a mystery, one that I want to explore, contemplate, and dream upon. It is a channel through which my creative expression can dance and flow. I feel at once at home with it yet humbled by its weight and challenging properties. It always keeps me reaching beyond my current abilities.

I believe there is no coincidence that I came to stone as my predominant medium. The hammer and chisel felt natural in my hands as if remembering. Although I have particular ideas and style, I always try to let the stone guide me into what it will become. It is this openness and freedom that speak to the artist within me. My journey with stone has evolved into a physical and a spiritual process. It has become an integral part of my life that feeds my passion to create. My artistic expression using the beautiful medium of stone is satisfying and challenging. And like all my sculptures I am open to where it will lead me on this incredible adventure of life.

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