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Always Beginning

In a year when the entire world has suffered severe loss and unprecedented change, I pause to send out my Love and also to count the many blessing that I've experienced. One of them being the gift to continue to make my art. Making art for me is a celebration of life. I believe it keeps me whole and is something that I can share with others. My art is inspired by the awe I feel for our planet, the natural world, and my connection with it. Therefore I must see things reflecting the perfection that is inherent in all of life. It could be easy to sink down into how awful things have been or as I open my eyes to each new day, I can remember that I have another opportunity to begin. And another opportunity to share the best of what I have to give.

The alabaster sculpture I call "In The Womb" is my contemplation on the continuum of life and creation. Life's neverendingness, it's alwaysness and it's fullness. Sometimes it's difficult to try to explain my deepest thoughts and emotions but it is my hope that I can do this with my art. That I can connect with people in a way that transcends words. This piece is included in the 2020 Arts Annual at the Gallery of Creative Pinellas and will be there along with my two other sculptures, Beyond Illusion and The Chrysalis until the end of January. This wonderful gallery is taking all the safety precautions for your comfort so I hope you can stop by for a visit. I'd love to know how the work makes you feel so please drop me a line.

Wishing you Peace, Hope and Love this New Year

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