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Am I Dreaming?

Do you know that delicious feeling when you're in between just waking up but still caught up in a dream so captivating that you don't want it to end. Your body seems to have been actively taking part yet upon opening your eyes you are just lying in bed. Imagination feels like this to me. It feels so real! Just as if it has physically occurred.

Creating my large oval alabaster piece I call The Cosmic Gift felt like a dream to me. As I carved out a curved void in the center, I imagined a channel or an eye that perceives. Then when polishing the exterior surface, I wanted to leave just enough of the imperfections of the stone to give it life and a sense of history, as if it has traveled the universe, swirling through millennia. A having lived and passage through time effected by the elements but not shaken by them. Remaining clear and strong. I also carved a line taken directly from the delicate center vein of a feather that I found on one of my walks. A message of the perfection in nature. Then finally I imagine this form shooting down from the sky and landing right in front of my feet fully realized just as you picture it here. It just arrived like a surprising gift. I feel dreamy just thinking about it.

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