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Breaking New Ground

The new year is off and running! And I’m beginning to carve out the plans for the months to come as I usually do this time of year. This January’s theme is a bit different however, in that not only is it my birthday month and a new year, but it’s the start of a brand new decade!

I feel a great sense of excitement in the many possibilities before me. But when I think about the future I cannot separate it from the past, as the work that I have done plants the seed for the work I am yet to create. And the life I have lived infuses the present. This is my evolution. Allowing myself to evolve as an artist means that I’m willing to take risks and pull out of my comfort zone. It means that I’m willing to see things differently and to embrace the unknown. Remembering the past gives me the foundation from which I can spring off to meet the even greater new challenges. And looking out over a vast horizon of possibilities gives me a thrilling sense of empowerment.

Stone sculpture had been around for millennia and I believe it will endure but as a modern sculptor I’m always seeking ways to breathe new life into its expression and make it meaningful in today's world. So this year it is my intention to break some new ground and continue to unravel the potentiality of this timeless medium.

Join me and break some new ground in your chosen pathway this new decade!

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