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Dust and Destiny

When working with a piece of stone I'm surrounded by an incredible amount of dust. The once solid, heavy, dense material become weightless, diffuse and transformed. Yet it is still present in it's essential elemental form, carbon. It's the same element that exists in us and every life form on earth. I often wonder if this commonality or communion attracts me to work with stone.

Am I being pulled toward it on a subconscious level like a magnet that would seem to have no choice in the matter?

I've come to realize that the decision to work with stone requires a commitment and a dedication. There is the stone with its challenging mass and weight, the tools, the appropriate space to practice, the teachers, the helpers, the time. All of this would seem to be an obvious choice I have made. But the love of it is not a choice, it just is. And as I sit in that creative space with my stone we dance towards our own entwined destiny.

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