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Joy! says Euphrosyne

Each time I step into my studio my senses are enveloped by the history of the place. The aged walls and equipment, the dust covered photographs, and the smell of dust. It's comforting energy invites me to "be" a sculptor now! To leave the outside world for a time and explore the inner world of dreams, creativity and connection with the ancient medium of stone that I love. It's a place I leave physically spent yet energized and renewed, hopeful and happy.

If my sculptures have one message and purpose, it is to uplift. When I created "The Graces" this was their intention. Euphrosyne, a demi-goddess of ancient Greek mythology, represents the idea of joy and merriment, something so essential to our human nature, that the Greeks made sure it was not left out of their mix of dieties. Creating my version of Euphrosyne brought me tremendous joy and it is my hope that she brings that to you now.

Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy!

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