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Light and Shadow

Sculpting a piece of stone takes me down many different pathways. I'm confronted

with form, space, concept, structure and design. They all simultaneously drift in and out of my thoughts as I direct carve. These are all challenging to play with and keep me in this almost razor sharp focus that after a bit, I have to step back and see where I've been and what I have done. When I feel like I've done enough and the creative spell begins to wane, I always remind myself that there are only two things I need to focus on and they are light and shadow. Light to me is the seductive power that allows the sculpture to come alive. And the shadows created by the definition, make the sculpture move. Playing with light and shadows is like a hypnotic dance my sculpture does as it interacts with life. It's a very moving experience for me as the sculptor.

The piece pictured here is of one of my three Graces and she is called Aglaea. This mythological goddess represents elegance, radiance and splendor. She is a reflection of the light we all possess within ourselves.

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