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Making Art Together

My earliest memory of making art was in a small corner I carved out as my "own" space

in our family living room. Solitude and privacy were not options within our busy family home yet I gravitated there as often as I could. As I matured, I somehow latched on to the idea of the artist in her studio working alone many hours as the way to make art, find inspiration and "be" an artist. And so I did that until I found stone sculpting and something really special shifted this perspective.

From the selection of the stone to it's arrival, physical carving, mounting, moving, displaying, photographing and finally finding it's permanent home, a sculpture is made. While my hands physically do the work, the other factors at play are numerous. There are many talented and skilled people involved in the entire process. In the studio I share with other sculptors we help each other with the particular things each of us do best. And our collective energy feeds the creative atmosphere. Once complete, a sculpture has to be transported to a gallery with much assistance from kind curators and friends who generously give their love, time and energy to present it in the best light. Then there is the photographer that tries to capture and describe it's essence to those that see it.

I have come to realize that it's not me that makes a piece of art but the rich tapestry of living with others that creates a work. And ultimately this gift is given to others to appreciate, enjoy and this cycle of inspiration carries on through and with each other. Now I truly understand that only together can we make the most beautiful art.

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