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Marmo Carrara Infatuazione

The famed marble of the quarries of Carrara, Italy evoke a mystique and beauty unmatched by any other stone. Similar to the diamond, its hypnotic visual and sensual qualities along with it's vast, rich history, make it by far the most coveted, and most expensive marbles to this day.

Spanning hundreds of millions of years in it's formation, coupled with it's use in the world's most prestigious monuments and architecture for thousands of years; it's use defies trends and time. It was a symbol of power for the Roman empire and favored by Michelangelo in his creations for the elites of his day. The quarries were and still are dangerous, rugged enclaves for only the toughest of characters willing or imposed upon to work it's unforgiving walls.

As a young sculptor, I dreamed of one day carving a piece in Carrara mable in particular Carrara Statuario, the finest of marbles harvested from the quarries. When I finally began working with it, I immediately knew why is was so beloved. It can take on the qualities of skin and hold the most delicate of detail. It's crystalline structure gives it a luminosity like freshly fallen snow on a sunny winter's morning. It dazzles in the most refined way. It's beauty does not beg for attention, it just waits to receive it. And although It demands a level of skill that challenges, the rewards are great.

The Graces are made of Michelangelo Cave Carrara Statuario since they came from one of Michelangelo's favorite Cave's. It was a great honor to carve and I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

With Love,


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