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I came across this picture of my father recently. It is a familiar one from my childhood days. But when I look at it now, I see him from a new perspective. He’s in his usual pose. One that I’ve seen him take many times. With an air of confidence, he’d casually prop his leg on a rock or a bench, give a slight smile, and a Clark Gable lift of one brow. This was my dad, fiercely independent, likable, and more proud of being Greek than any man I’ve ever met.

What I notice now in this photo are not only these qualities but how they relate to the background. He is in Greece at some historical site. I see the ruins scattered below the foothills of the mountains. His foot was likely propped on a toppled column. I see him in his beloved place. He is the place and the place is him. As a child, he would take me to see the ancient Greek ruins and I remembered how he marveled at them as he described their history and what it represents for the world. I also see a reflection of myself and where my ancestors came from which has given me a deep connection to my chosen artistic medium of stone.

Recently, I had the wonderful honor to be selected as a finalist for the See | Me exhibition ROOTS. in New York City. They chose my sculpture, Gaia- The Mother. And as I reflect upon my father and the ancient stone workers of Greece, it is such a gift to be able to do this type of art in my life and bring it forward into today's world.

Thank you, dad! I love you!


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