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Seeing Through My Eyes

In my last blog I wrote about the Three Graces and their inspiring mythological presence influencing the sculptures that I am creating for Creative Pinellas this summer. Once I get an initial idea, more ideas seem to spiral into the original, creating a multidimensional story that I begin to tell with the work. This part is super exciting for me as it gives meaning to the art and it comes alive for me. I wanted to continue to share with you some of the other elements at play and what I'm seeing as I work with these 3 beautiful pieces of marble.

Creative Pinellas is trying to bring awareness to this area as an artistically thriving and culturally dynamic destination and as a local artist that has called it home for many years; I wanted to bring attention to what inspires me most in this beautiful area. Incredible natural beauty surrounds us. So many birds, soft sandy beaches, abundant sunshine, but for this work what has been capturing my attention are the trees.

The majestic live oaks that line the streets where I live and work stand out to me like the most gorgeous sculptures. Their sinuous limbs twist and turn, they bow, stretch, and are just so captivating. I feel grounded in their deeply rooted nurturing presence and light under their flowing branches and falling leaves. They represent the grandmothers of the earth to me, timeless beauty, and the essence of life. We cannot exist without them as they absorb the carbon dioxide as we exhale. These images and feelings are flowing into the vision of my work this summer in the hopes of bringing some of that energy through to you.

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