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Siren Of The Wind

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

From early on I have been intrigued by myths. An undergraduate course in Greek mythology led me to the lectures of Joseph Campbell (The Power of Myth), whose brilliant explanation of these fantastical stories opened a world of rich meaning and symbolism.

My latest sculpture "Siren of the Wind", is informed by the symbolism of the mythological siren and the personification of wind; much like the gods of ancient times personified the forces of nature. But instead of the siren representing the dangerous temptress as in Homer's Odyssey, I am using Joseph Campbell's interpretation of the siren who represents the mystery of the universe. And once heard, *"makes it impossible to go on with mere phenomenal work". My siren also represents a beckoning back to our union with nature and our essence. Telling us that we are not separate from nature but one with her, rising out of her and ultimately, returning back to her.

Stone is millions of years old and carries with it particles of its vast history. And like stone, we too carry the stories within our psyche from centuries ago bringing them to evolution’s leading edge. It is the place where the ancient converges with the modern.

The "Siren of the Wind" is currently on exhibit in the Arts Annual 2022 at the beautiful gallery of Creative Pinellas in Largo, FL. which has been lovingly curated by Beth Gelman. Hope you can stop by!



*Joseph Campbell

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