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The Chrysalis

I just adore working with translucent alabaster because I never know completely what's below the surface of these rugged, rough-looking boulders. There could be a variety of colors and patterns that I can only discover while carving into the stone. It's always a fun surprise. This latest piece that I created for the Arts Annual 2020 exhibition surprised me as being the absolute clearest and most translucent I have ever worked with. It is so clear, it seemed to say "Look deeply, look within".

With so many monumental changes occurring this past year, I've been reflecting on the idea of change and impermanence. These thoughts naturally found their way into this piece that began early on resembling a chrysalis to me. I have always been fascinated with the butterfly and how it undergoes complete metamorphosis to become one of nature's most gorgeous creatures. It's ephemerality contributing to the intense beauty it reflects. Does the butterfly wonder about its future, its fleeting lifespan? Or does it revel with each and every moment it has to kiss flowers along its path?

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