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The Making of "The Swan"

I am so happy to share my latest finished work with you, " The Swan". This piece took me 8 months to complete and is carved from a 300 lb slab of Italian Calacatta marble. At our collective studio, The Sculpture Studio in Clearwater, we always celebrate once a piece is finished since we all share in the trials and challenges it takes to complete a stone sculpture as well as our mutual love for our chosen art form. So today I would like to share that completion with you dear supporters and friends at Creative Pinellas and beyond. Having your support for this deeply gratifying work is a huge gift to me and I believe completes the work.

The carving and hand finishing of such a large piece felt daunting at times but the challenges, as with all my pieces, helps me grow as a sculptor and human being. From selecting the stone to shipping, moving it around as it's being carved, and finally moving it into a gallery requires a lot of planning, physical effort, and help. I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many generous people who freely give of themselves. I couldn't do it without them! Then there are the hundreds of hours of my handiwork, thinking, designing, and trying things out. Even though I have done this many times before there is always something new to explore and be challenged by. The stone itself is always unpredictable. This one was particularly challenging to polish so I had to try many different types of abrasives to get it to my desired finish, one that is satiny and wants to be touched.

I call this piece " The Swan" because my intention for this work was to meld the connection of my inner essence with nature. I was drawn to the rich spiritual meaning and symbolism of the swan initially for its sense of grace and beauty but upon further research, I discovered it is also the symbol for the strength of the soul in Greek Mythology. The idea of transcendence and transformation are also symbolic in the swan. Swans are born with pale grey down feathers associated with youth, innocence, and fragility and as they mature they take on their white or black plumage symbolizing the transition from innocence to wisdom. " The Swan " is currently floating at the Fire and Stone Shamanic Healing Center in Clearwater Florida. Hope to see you there soon!

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