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The Mystery and Allure of Atlantic Black

I’m currently carving a gorgeous hunk of Atlantic Black Marble. Its starting weight was 361 lbs. and as you know how much I love to work large, she is giving me lots of room to play and explore with the sensuous curves I love to create.

This prized and scarce marble from Europe is a tight calcium carbonate. The black is from carbon. It’s one of the most solid stones in that it rings like a bell. I can even hear it ring as my tools touch it. When polished and finished it becomes a deep, rich black with small white crescent shapes throughout that give it a unique and lovely character. These crescents remind me of moons, planets and stars and as I look into the pitch blackness of the stone, just as the night sky, it seems to draw me deeper into its mystery. This mysterious and evocative quality excites me as I uncover what lies beneath.

I will keep you updated on our progress……

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