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Trusting the Flow

I created this piece, "Her River Flows Freely" from a boulder of Persian red travertine that has

so much rugged character, typical of travertine marble. It's holes and textured surface make it an interesting and really beautiful stone to work with in terms of all the possibilities. It's red color is rich and inviting so I felt it wanted to convey a sense of warmth and receptivity.

As I carve I try to maintain a sense of awareness to what the stone is showing me. In this piece I sensed the Earth with her perpetual abundant and giving nature. I see her ready to receive whatever comes her way and giving all that she has. She has taught me that giving and receiving are one and the same. She shows that as long as I maintain a willingness to trust in the flow of life, all will be well.

Happy Holidays to all! And thank you for your kind and generous support this amazing year! My wish is that as you close 2019 may you celebrate this wondrous Earth, each other and all the beauty that surrounds you!



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