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Wild and Free

If there is one that being an artist represents to me, it is a sense of freedom. In my mind I can create and live anything I imagine. I have limitless potential. However if I am unable to imagine that something is possible then I cannot create it. Working with this beautiful yet formidable medium, I am always humbled by the very nature of it's hardness and mass in contrast my own weight and physical strength. There are things that I want to do but often I am not sure how to physically make them happen. Recently I was working on carving a hole through a 15" deep area of a stone. It took many hours and trials to find just the right tools to do it but I finally did it! Working with stone has allowed me to recognize my limitless potential as the very nature of who I am.

My red travertine sculpture, "Wild and Free" weighs in over 250 lbs. and is 24" high. Sensitive to the idea of freedom, It was created as a tribute to the American wild horses that are being rounded up and captured in the shrinking wild territory of the western states. Now, as I contemplate the idea of freedom, like my beloved horses and all beings that share this beautiful planet, I must always remember my limitless potential.

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